Wednesday, 17 June 2009

What happened to the first ever Clerical Medical numbers

Before the days of a dedicated committee to organise the Parish Walk, the late Arthur Jones used to do the vast majority of the organisation.
I was asked to find a sponsor however and made a number of committments to CMI that I thought I had best carry out myself. I made myself unpopular by sticking rigidly to a one week closing date but for the first time all entrants received the entry pack through the post on the Monday morning, two days after the close of entries.
But I have to admit that I took on too much and I was knackered by the time event started and even (very dangerously) nodded off at the wheel.
The evening I brought the first ever set of professionally manufactured numbers home (the previous ones were hand made by Arthur out of old lino) I dumped the box in the hallway together with the computer equipment from Skanco.
Time for a cup of tea.
When I went back into the hall I found that Ben had found a new toy and the numbers were scattered all over the hall! They had been in number order too!

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