Thursday, 26 February 2009

86 people a day visting

I used to be flattered when a couple of hundred people would visit the site on the day of event but now there are frequently more than a hundred on a Monday in the middle of winter.

Here are the number of unque visitors every day this year:

Thursday 26th February 2009 90
Wednesday 25th February 2009 80
Tuesday 24th February 2009 111
Monday 23rd February 2009 119
Sunday 22nd February 2009 99
Saturday 21st February 2009 63
Friday 20th February 2009 94
Thursday 19th February 2009 80
Wednesday 18th February 2009 105
Tuesday 17th February 2009 109
Monday 16th February 2009 93
Sunday 15th February 2009 74
Saturday 14th February 2009 72
Friday 13th February 2009 91
Thursday 12th February 2009 80
Wednesday 11th February 2009 94
Tuesday 10th February 2009 90
Monday 9th February 2009 93
Sunday 8th February 2009 80
Saturday 7th February 2009 63
Friday 6th February 2009 113
Thursday 5th February 2009 79
Wednesday 4th February 2009 80
Tuesday 3rd February 2009 72
Monday 2nd February 2009 81
Sunday 1st February 2009 70
Saturday 31st January 2009 46
Friday 30th January 2009 79
Thursday 29th January 2009 82
Wednesday 28th January 2009 77
Tuesday 27th January 2009 80
Monday 26th January 2009 89
Sunday 25th January 2009 82
Saturday 24th January 2009 68
Friday 23rd January 2009 87
Thursday 22nd January 2009 75
Wednesday 21st January 2009 90
Tuesday 20th January 2009 75
Monday 19th January 2009 85
Sunday 18th January 2009 80
Saturday 17th January 2009 62
Friday 16th January 2009 96
Thursday 15th January 2009 83
Wednesday 14th January 2009 101
Tuesday 13th January 2009 104
Monday 12th January 2009 118
Sunday 11th January 2009 85
Saturday 10th January 2009 55
Friday 9th January 2009 78
Thursday 8th January 2009 102
Wednesday 7th January 2009 124
Tuesday 6th January 2009 117
Monday 5th January 2009 114
Sunday 4th January 2009 50
Saturday 3rd January 2009 51
Friday 2nd January 2009 91
Thursday 1st January 2009 83

3 of the organising committee

Left to right: Allan Callow, Winston Liu and Martin Lambden. They were pictured at the sponsors lunch hosted by Clerical Medical last Friday.

Women have almost caught the men

Of the 282 entries to date, 138 are from women, only 4 less than the male entries.

Its been a while since.....

...I picked out the new entries. So here goes, all 22 of them since the last update:

Alison Gray
Andrea Curran
Ann Murphy
Antony Quayle
Bernadette Devlin
Brian Connolly
Clive Alford
Creena Mason
Damien Devlin
Ian Davies
Johnathan Crute
Katie Cowin
Kayleigh Shuman
Keith Button
Lorna Brown
Michelle Dentith
Natalie Robertson
Sarah Jo Callow
Sharon Hoganboyle
Sheron Quayle
Sian Cowper
Suzann Dentith

Monday, 23 February 2009

Sponsors lunch

I've just realised that, although I published a link to the following video on the site on Friday evening, I did not add it here.

The lunch is hosted by Clerical Medical each year for the co-sponsors who have a chance to meet with the organising committee and it helps everyone understand each others requirements that much better for the benefit of those taking part.

The media were also in attendance.

Friday, 20 February 2009

Entries reach 260

The following entered yesterday:

Elizabeth Ledingham
Raymond Ledingham

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Judging in Parish Walk

Race Director Raymond Cox asked me to post the judging rules on the website.

The wording that he supplied on 05/02/09 has replaced the original wording at:

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

5 entries since lunchtime

Amanda Kennett
Clare Lewis
David Anderson
Diane Mitchell
Tony Mitchell

Entries pass 250

253 in total with the addition of the following 6:

Ian Strodder
Jamie Sutton
John C Ryder
Liz Chandler
Margaret Willard
Philip Smart

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Three entries since last update

Peter Caine
Suzanne Caine
Brian Christian

Monday, 16 February 2009

4 more entries

Alice Hogarth
Ann Henrard
Edward Howland
Mark Teare

The domain is an "alias" and for the past three years has been directed to a company called who I would highly recommend.

I registered the domain with them.

I noticed that half an hour ago when I tried to get onto that the site was not available. Its back now but it only appeared to be the forwarding service from oneandone that was not working.

I don't know if this makes any sense to you but what I should say is that if ever you can't get a connection with then try

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Make sure your friends and family have entered

I've listed the 240 entries in alphabetic order but by first name rather than surname as on the SportsIdent site. If you friends and family are not on the list yet, give them a prod!

Abbie Corkish
Adam Killip
Adrian Beale
Adrian Brooks
Adrian Gell
Alan Gosschalk
Alan Isaac
Alan Johnston
Alex Penrose
Alex Wijsman
Alexandra Gardner
Alison Maddrell
Alison McMahon
Amagoia Ayestaran
Amanda Dougherty
Andrew Stephen Moore
Andrew Baxendale
Andrew Bridson
Andrew Jones
Andrew Masterman
Andrew Oram
Andy Kelly
Angela Bray
Angela Martin
Ann Zachorecki
Anthony Ball
Anthony Prince
Ben Harris
Bethany Clague
Brian Byers
Brian Hewett
Brian Langhorn
Brigid Cummins
Carl Senogles
Carl Watson
Carolyn Girvan
Cem Nergiz
Charlene McGarry
Charlie Stephens
Charlotte Barlow
Chris Brogan
Chris Duff
Chris Moore
Chris Swales
Chris Wade
Christiana Cannell
Christine Breadner
Christine Carter
Christopher Brew
Christopher Clarke
Claira Elliott
Clare Teare
Colin Stephen Moore
Colleen Cubbon
Craig Rogers
Daryl Richards
Dave Capelen
Dave Lawrie
Dave Mackey
Dave Taylor
David Walker
Davied Rowe
Dawn Barlow
Dawn Taylor
Dean Clayton
Debbie Kelly
Deborah Hinks
Dennis Maddrell
Derek Bond
Di Cummins
Diane Motley
Donna Workman
Duncan Firth
Dylan Evans
Ean Costain
Ed Burn
Edmund Shillabeer
Elaine Whelan
Eleanor Chapman
Eleanor Humphreys
Emily Cannell
Fred Baker
Gary Lewis
Gary Merrill
Gemma Higson
Geoffrey Sharpe
Geoffrey Watterson
George Michael Ratcliffe
George Kincla
Georgie Dempsey-Moore
Gill Senogles
Gustav Rober
Hayley Nelson
Heike Perry
Helen Ballinger-Wood
Ian Donaldson
Ian Scott
Jack Murphy
Jackie Turley
Jade Maddrell
James Bassett
James Walker
Jane Lyall
Janet Allen
Janet Hutson
Janet Jenkins
Janine Stevens
Jean Gannon
Jenny Teare
Jo Kelly
Jo Sykes
Joanne Isherwood
John Michael Killey
John Callow
John Clucas
John Cooper
John Currie
John Hotchkiss
John Kinrade
John Staines
Jon Mercer
Jonathan Crossley
Juan Thornley
Julia Furner
Julie Masterman
Julie Oconnor
Karen Galvin
Karen Lancaster
Karen Sharpe
Karen Thomson
Karen Warburton
Kath Clucas
Kathryn Prince
Katy Poole
Kayleigh Rogers
Keith Green
Kellie Haworth
Kelly Creamer
Ken Goodwin
Kenny Williams
Kevin Costain
Kevin Cowin
Kim Duncan
Kingsley Lambert
Kirsten Bennett
Linzi Kemp
Liz Hunter
Louise Hollings
Louise Hopkinson
Lucy Webster-Thompson
Lynda Quayle
Lynsey Crawford
Maria Coldwell
Marie Gilbertson
Mark Hempsall
Mark Williams
Martijn Biesmans
Martin Crellin
Martin Hall
Mary Crellin
Matthew Gregson
Maureen Moffatt
Melanie Christian
Michael Bonney
Michael Crook
Michael Oates
Michael Stephenson
Michaela Cowley
Michelle Draper
Michelle Ince
Michelle Mcelroy
Mo Horisk
Nabil Jafri
Natalie Bush
Neil Holmes
Neil Measures
Neil Stoutt
Nichola Creer
Nicholas Kelly
Nicky Davison
Oliver Browne
Pam Dunn
Patricia Kissack
Paul Bennett
Paul Soffe
Paul Sykes
Pauline Clague
Peter Beighton
Peter Gelling
Philippa Jones
Rachel Perkins
Rachele Quayle
Ray Beattie
Rebecca Kissack
Richard Corlett
Richard Drinkwater
Richard Gerrard
Richard Weir
Robbie Breadner
Robert Allan
Roger Hammond Cave
Russell Smith
Samantha Draper
Samantha Moolman
Sarah Joanna Callow
Sarah Thornhill
Sarah-Kate Kermode
Selwyn Callister
Sharon Christian
Sharon Kinnin
Shirley Boyde
Simon Starkey
Stephen Berry
Stephen Fox
Stephen Holmes
Stephen Kelly
Steve Bassil
Steve Curtis
Stuart Mullan
Sue Ackroyd
Sue Cowin
Sue Prince
Sue Tilston
Susan Cannell
Susan Moore
Suzanne McKay
Sweeney Trisha
Sylvia Harrison
Tara Mckernan
Terri Salmon
Terry Kelly
Tommy Turtle Harrison
Tony Anderson
Tony Dugdale
Tony Okell
Trudi Telling
Victoria Graham
Victoria Moore
Voirrey Cain
William Robb

Women catching up

I continue to stress that these figures are unofficial, but of the 240 entries to date, 114 are from women and 126 from men. With 47.5% of the entries, the women are starting to catch up.

Another 10 entries

Andy Kelly
Brigid Cummins
Dave Taylor
Dennis Maddrell
Jo Kelly
John Cooper
Paul Bennett
Sharon Kinnin
Stephen Kelly
Victoria Graham

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

These three take us to 230

Jack Murphy
Jean Gannon
Maureen Moffatt

Monday, 9 February 2009

Three more entries this afternoon

Alison Maddrell
Juan Thornley
Lynsey Crawford

Another 7 entries

Christiana Cannell
Colleen Cubbon
Emily Cannell
Hayley Nelson
Michelle Mcelroy
Richard Drinkwater
Sue Ackroyd

Friday, 6 February 2009

Latest entries

Amagoia Ayestaran
Christine Carter
Elaine Whelan
Geoffrey Sharpe
Heike Perry
Karen Sharpe
Linzi Kemp

I was at race secretary Elizabeth Corran's house last night, as you may have seen from the feature on her husband Gordon.

She tells me that all of the entries on the database are from the online system. She only has a few manual entries which will be added in due course. So to repeat (I wasn't sure about this before), if you enter with a printed form and pay by cheque, there will be an unquantified delay before your name appears here.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Women are catching up

Of the 210 entries to date, 94 are from women and 116 from men.

That is 45% and 55% respectively.

Get the plastic out now if you have not entered yet.

Bumper entry

There have been 29 entries in the past week so the rate has increased from 3 a day to 4 a day.

Here there are:

Adrian Brooks
Ann Zachorecki
Charlie Stephens
Charlotte Barlow
Chris Wade
Christopher Clarke
Dave Lawrie
Deborah Hinks
Eleanor Humphreys
Gemma Higson
Janet Allen
John Clucas
Kath Clucas
Kellie Haworth
Kirsten Bennett
Louise Hollings
Lynda Quayle
Marie Gilbertson
Melanie Christian
Michelle Draper
Nabil Jafri
Neil Holmes
Nichola Creer
Oliver Browne
Robert Allan
Samantha Draper
Selwyn Callister
Stephen Holmes
Suzanne McKay