Friday, 19 June 2009

John Cannell featured by the BBC

Six times winner John Cannell has been featured on the local BBC website.

Follow this link to read the story:

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Its hard to write a blog with your eyes closed

I have actually managed to fall asleep whilst working on my computer before now but I have reached one of those points where I can't manage all the things I planned to do tonight.

As usual for the day before the event, I shall be off work tomorrow preparing for the website but I have twice as many hours to fill as exist.

I'll be blogging on and off through the day.

With two laptops and a desktop at my disposal tomorrow, what I really need to is master the act of using more than one at once like I do with my video and still camera.

Easier to see other people's mistakes than your own

Whilst spotting an error in the Parish Walk stats printed elsewhere, I realised that I had made a mistake myself in a recent blog when I said that David Collister was heading for his 25th finish instead of his 26th.

I am lucky though - online you can correct your mistakes.

Now you see it, now you don't

The eagle eyed among you will have seen that a preview of the Parish Walk appeared briefly on iomtoday this morning. It has now gone.

I contacted sports editor John Watterson about a small part of the report and he quickly had the whole article removed as it was not due for publication until tomorrow when the Manx Independent is published.

Mobile reporting ready to go

I am writing this on my laptop this morning using a mobile connection supplied by Manx Telecom.

I am also picking up one of two laptops to be supplied by Colebourns tonight. This will allow me to increase the numbe of photos and videos I can upload at any one time.

It really is great to have the technology. I used to have to return home to upload photos and wouldn't even dream of having videos.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

What happened to the first ever Clerical Medical numbers

Before the days of a dedicated committee to organise the Parish Walk, the late Arthur Jones used to do the vast majority of the organisation.
I was asked to find a sponsor however and made a number of committments to CMI that I thought I had best carry out myself. I made myself unpopular by sticking rigidly to a one week closing date but for the first time all entrants received the entry pack through the post on the Monday morning, two days after the close of entries.
But I have to admit that I took on too much and I was knackered by the time event started and even (very dangerously) nodded off at the wheel.
The evening I brought the first ever set of professionally manufactured numbers home (the previous ones were hand made by Arthur out of old lino) I dumped the box in the hallway together with the computer equipment from Skanco.
Time for a cup of tea.
When I went back into the hall I found that Ben had found a new toy and the numbers were scattered all over the hall! They had been in number order too!

David Collister added to old features page

It was only when compiling the mini-feature below that I realised that I had not added the links to the feature I did on David Collister the week before the event last year to the old features page.

That has now been rectified.

You can also link directly from here:

There are now 14 featured walkers and you can see the next one on 1 December.

The features are not intended to be a list of the fastest to the slowest or most finishers to least, but rather a cross section of the people for who the Parish Walk is a major part of their year.