Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Did you know that the Parish Walk was to be held on Thursday 18 June?

The weather has been fantastic in the Isle of Man during the past few days. It would be too hot if the Parish Walk had been held today. Despite the awful weather last year I don't think that walkers would have been slowed as much as they would be by extreme heat.
I've been back running in the early mornings and the weather couldn't be better for that.
In the evening too. I went for a walk with Marie around town last night and we continued the game started by a famous walker and his family a few years ago of trying to work out which of the brisk walkers are training for the Parish Walk.
But we met one entrant who was training on ice cream. You may remember Geoff Kinvig (above) being pictured with Robbie Callister and Sean Hands at a feeding station in the End to End Walk a couple of years ago. He has walked to Peel and Ballaugh in the last couple of years and hopes to make it "up North" this year.
We took some light refreshment and overheard a barman talking about the Parish Walk to one of the customers. I think he was complaining about the prospect of the roads being blocked somewhere by "thousands" of walkers. The customer asked him when the walk was held and he said: "As far as I know its on Thursday 18 June".
He shouldn't have any problems with the roads being blocked then!

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